Skills Plus training programme

We have made changes to our planned training programmes for 2020 - 2021, due to the pandemic. Our training is now delivered online and, where appropriate, the content our sessions is being made relevant for the current situation. We have already delivered sessions on Planning for Reopening, Agile for Museums, Working Remotely, Fundraising in a Crisis and Planning for Alternative Futures. You will be able to find our upcoming training sessions below and advertised in our weekly E-Update, which you can find at the bottom of our News page. If we need to make any last minute announcements for our events we will try to do so via email or our Twitter account.

You can find recordings of our sessions, such as Planning for Reopening, Planning for Alternative Futures, Creating a Family Friendly Environment and more on our YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe to get notifications when new videos are posted.

All paid and unpaid staff working for non-National (and non-NPO), Accredited museums in the London region are eligible to apply for our training courses. This includes furloughed staff. For further governmental guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and training implications, please click here.


London Museum Development's 'Tour de Store' training

Some sessions in the Skills Plus programme were delivered by collection care staff at the Museum of London.

The Skills Plus training programme provides 18 relevant and practical workshops to London’s museums. These courses provide opportunities to find out about best practice and hear case studies of how others have made improvements at their museums. Following our 2018 Training Needs Analysis, we are looking to develop London’s museum staff and volunteers to have the business, income generation, management and marketing skills they need to be fully equipped to work within the contemporary museum environment. This will be done alongside more heritage-specific training covering the Accreditation themes of Collections, Audiences and Organisational Health.

You can apply for a place on these courses below, or directly through our booking form. We will be releasing an updated calendar for the 2020 - 2021 Skills Plus training programme as soon as possible.

Skills Plus training sessions, 2021 - 2022

Disposal during COVID-19
Wednesday 28th April 2021, 10:30-12:30
Online (Zoom)

This session will take a scenario approach to explore a variety of disposals issues and themes including collections management and documentation, legal and ethical considerations.

Small groups will each be given the opportunity to discuss a different scenario, and will then feedback thoughts and/or questions to a panel for open discussion with all participants. To encourage honest discussion, this session will not be recorded.

The panel:

  • Sarah Brown, Outreach Officer, Collections Trust
  • Professor Janet Ulph, Professor of Commercial Law, University of Leicester
  • Alistair Brown, Policy Manager, Museums Association
  • Yvette Shepherd, Museum Development Officer (Organisational Health), London Museum Development

Collections Trust helps museums capture and share the information that gives their objects meaning; providing standards and advice in collections management and documentation. Sarah works closely with Museum Development England to deliver free, ACE-funded training and guidance.

Janet qualified as a solicitor many years ago. She then became an academic teaching trusts and commercial law and researching heritage law. Janet worked as part of a team on the revised Disposal Toolkit and the new Appendix 4 on sales from collections. Since then, she has been part of a team which produced guidance on Museums Facing Closure.

Alistair has led the policy, campaigns and ethics functions at the Museums Association since 2014. He is responsible for sector-leading advocacy such as Museums Change Lives, and Empowering Collections; the revision of the MA’s Code of Ethics; and campaigns to protect the sector from the impacts of austerity and Covid-19.

Yvette is MDO for Organisational Health and Accreditation for the South and West London areas: Yvette leads on forward planning and sustainability, and is responsible for co-ordinating LMD’s Re-opening and Recovery Grants programmes. She provides general support and advice with Accreditation to museums in South and West London.


  • Please submit a scenario when you register – the panel will choose a selection in advance, and they will be made anonymous.
  • Familiarise yourself with the MA disposals toolkit. You might find it useful to have this available to refer to during the session.

Download a full course outline (PDF 307kb, opens in new tab). Book your place through our online booking form.

Museums and Communities in the Earth Crisis
Wednesday 05 May, 10:15 – 12:15
Online (Zoom)

This introductory workshop will enable you to get an overview of the climate and ecological crisis, and how it is impacting on London's communities. It will explore how your museum can help people learn about it, take action and cope with change. You will discover what the unique roles are for museums in imagining and creating a greener world and how to achieve this in recognition of the inequalities and anxieties that people face. You will learn how working with objects and stories help with this and how can this be done in planet-kind way. Finally, the session will assist with your planning for manageable ways that you can take action as a museum, to model sustainable change. Climate Museum UK is a digital and mobile museum that works with public and professional audiences to help them think, talk and take action around the Earth crisis. See more on Download a full course outline (PDF 115kb, opens in new tab). Use our online booking form to secure your place.