Skills Plus training programme

The Skills Plus training programme provides 18 relevant and practical workshops to London’s museums. These courses provide opportunities to find out about best practice and hear case studies of how others have made improvements at their museums. Following our recent Training Needs Analysis, we are looking to develop London’s museum staff and volunteers to have the business, income generation, management and marketing skills they need to be fully equipped to work within the contemporary museum environment. This will be done alongside more heritage-specific training covering the Accreditation themes of Collections, Audiences and Organisational Health.


London Museum Development's 'Tour de Store' training

Image of Tour de Store training. Some sessions in the Skills Plus programme were delivered by collection care staff at the Museum of London

You can download a calendar for 2018 - 2019 to see when we will be delivering each course (PDF 354kb, opens in new tab). You can apply for a place on these courses below, or directly through our booking form.

Skills Plus training sessions

Financial Strategy and Governance for Trustees
Wednesday 26 September, 09:30am – 13:30pm
Museum of London, London Wall

This workshop, delivered in partnership with the Association of Independent Museums, will bring together Trustees from a variety of museums and offers facilitated peer discussion, enabling the sharing of best practice and individual experiences of financial governance within their organisations. This session will allow the group to frame their own governance concerns, and to discuss these with peers.

The session will include a refresher in basic financial oversight, ensuring trustees understand how to review management accounts. The trustees' role in financial planning and setting financial strategy will be covered, including opportunities for and challenges of delegation to sub-committees and to charity staff/volunteers, and provide guidance on how trustees can best balance delegation with the need to retain effective oversight at the right level. This course will look at the questions you should be asking and how you, as trustees, will know that you are competent and doing a 'good job'.

Finally, this workshop will give a focus to Risk Management and provide an outline of the financial policies that trustees need to put in place, and how they are fit for purpose. We will look at what other reports and information trustees need to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. We will also review how to mitigate against key risks, fraud and mis-management. Download a full course outline (PDF 143kb, opens in new tab). Please use our online form to book a place.

Essentials in Corporate Fundraising (including Negotiation, Persuasion and Pitching Skills)
Wednesday 10 October, 10am – 4pm
Museum of London, London Wall

This course, run in partnership with Arts, Fundraising and Philanthropy, provides an introduction to developing a successful sponsorship programme, or business membership scheme. The learning is relevant for individuals and organisations from museums and galleries, wanting to raise funds from all scales of business from local companies to national brands. The content relating to negotiation and persuasion complements and builds on these essentials skills. It explores presentation, confidence building, language and emotional intelligence to increase likely success with corporate funders. A chartered marketer, manager and fundraiser, Michelle Wright founded Cause4 after leaving the London Symphony Orchestra, where her achievements in private sector fundraising led to her being judged the Best Upcoming Fundraiser at the National Fundraising Awards in 2008. Since setting up Cause4, Michelle has undertaken major strategic and business development projects, including campaign developments with a number of national charities and consultancy work for FTSE 100 brands developing their cultural sponsorship programmes. Download a full course outline (PDF 270kb, opens in new tab). Please use our online form to book a place.

Strategic planning for audience development
Wednesday 31 October, 10am – 3pm
Museum of London, London Wall

This will be a practical and interactive workshop, enabling participants to develop a strategic audience development plan that fits with their organisation’s strengths and past achievements and meets their forward planning needs. Jocelyn Goddard is a museum and heritage professional with a passionate commitment to learning and development. She has experience of encouraging engagement with a wide range of audiences, including schools, families and older learners. Download a full course outline (PDF 118kb, opens in new tab). Please use our online form to book a place.

Fusion Training: Top Marks
Wednesday 21 November, 10am – 4pm
Museum of London, London Wall

Fusion training will consist of two half day sessions; one which deals with Collection Care and the other which deals with Collection Management. Fusion training is designed for participants to attend both sessions.

Session 1: Improving your Documentation Procedural Manual

This session, led by Sarah Brown (Collections Trust), will explore what makes a good documentation procedural manual. Focussing on some of the Spectrum primary procedures, we will put your own manuals to the test and identify how they might be improved. Attendees are requested to bring along their organisation’s manual, to share and discuss during the session.

Session 2: Marking and Labelling

This session, led by Libby Finney, will look at why and how we mark and label museum collections. There will be a practical session where participants will practice marking a range of different objects and materials and plenty of hints and tips on how to make the process safe and straightforward. Please note that the practical session will involve using a lacquer which contains acetone. If you are asthmatic, have a suppressed immune system, allergies to solvents, or other breathing difficulties, this course may not be suitable for you. If you have any concerns about this please let us know. A free marking and labelling kit & a copy of Spectrum 5.0 Primary Procedures accompanies this course. Download a full course outline (PDF 109kb, opens in new tab). Please use our online form to book a place.

Data Protection in Museums
Wednesday 28 November, 10am – 1:15pm
Museum of London, London Wall

In May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) substantially impacted the handling of personal data. This affects how personal data is collected, used and shared by museum staff, trustees and volunteers. Naomi Korn will help you understand what this means for your museum and how you should prepare for the changes. This session will cover:

  • Data Protection and what is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
  • The types of personal data and associated activities covered by Data Protection legislation
  • Understand how the 2018 changes impacted on your museum

Download a full course outline (PDF 209kb, opens in new tab). Please use our online form to book a place.