Skills Plus training programme

Covid-19 Update: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we will be making changes to our planned training programmes for 2020 - 2021. Where possible our training will be delivered online and, where appropriate, we will edit and refocus the content of our sessions to be relevant for the current situation. We have already delivered sessions on Planning for Reopening, Agile for Museums, Working Remotely, Fundraising in a Crisis and Planning for Alternative Futures. You will be able to find our upcoming training sessions below and advertised in our weekly E-Update, which you can find at the bottom of our News page. If we need to make any last minute announcements for our events we will try to do so via email or our Twitter account.

You can find recordings of our sessions, such as Planning for Reopening, Planning for Alternative Futures, Creating a Family Friendly Environment and more on our YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe to get notifications when new videos are posted.

All paid and unpaid staff working for non-National (and non-NPO), Accredited museums in the London region are eligible to apply for our training courses. This includes furloughed staff. For further governmental guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and training implications, please click here.


London Museum Development's 'Tour de Store' training

Some sessions in the Skills Plus programme were delivered by collection care staff at the Museum of London.

The Skills Plus training programme provides 18 relevant and practical workshops to London’s museums. These courses provide opportunities to find out about best practice and hear case studies of how others have made improvements at their museums. Following our 2018 Training Needs Analysis, we are looking to develop London’s museum staff and volunteers to have the business, income generation, management and marketing skills they need to be fully equipped to work within the contemporary museum environment. This will be done alongside more heritage-specific training covering the Accreditation themes of Collections, Audiences and Organisational Health.

You can apply for a place on these courses below, or directly through our booking form. We will be releasing an updated calendar for the 2020 - 2021 Skills Plus training programme as soon as possible.

Skills Plus training sessions

Developing an Inclusive Museum (Closed for applications)
Tuesday 01, Tuesday 08, Tuesday 15 December, Wednesday 13, Wednesday 20 and Wednesday 27 January, 10am – 12:30pm
Online (Zoom)

The Mendoza report, new funding directives around diversity and inclusion of underrepresented audiences, along with the importance of the recent advent of the Black Lives Matters movement and the health and social inequalities associated with the coronavirus global pandemic, highlight the need for museums to understand who they are not engaging and how to develop practices to make more inclusive organisations going forward. This training series will look at the key areas of diversity practices that can help develop a more inclusive museum. Delegates will hear from specialist facilitators, museum staff, organisations and funders from a board range of diversity practice to inspire you and support you to develop and enhance your organisations thoughts and plans to become more representative and relevant to your diverse local communities. Through case studies, presentations and discussions delegates will be encouraged to generate realistic and relevant action points across all the areas covered by the series that inform your short, medium and long-term plans and can be used to track your museum’s progress to becoming a more inclusive and diverse organisation over the coming years. This virtual training series will be delivered over six half-day sessions (two and a half hours with a short break) in partnership London Museum Development, specialist freelancers, consultants and organisations. Download a full course outline (PDF 152kb, opens in a new tab).

Strategic Marketing Planning
Tuesday 09 March, 10am – 12pm
Online (Zoom)

This online training session will take you through the marketing planning process in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It will help you to refocus on your vision/mission, identifying any ‘mission drift’ and review your plans to ensure they are relevant given the huge disruption we are experiencing. This course will provide clarity on how your purpose informs your planning. It will provide tools and frameworks to structure your strategic marketing planning. Finally, it will provide insight into how to make your planning SMART and agile to respond to a period of disruption. Download a full course outline (PDF 156kb, opens in new tab). Book your place through our online booking form.

Re-engaging with your Audiences
Wednesday 10 March, 10am – 12pm
Online (Zoom)

Take some time to review your audience engagement. Who have you been connecting with during lockdown? Who has slipped through the net? Which new audiences would you like to engage? This workshop will help you think through how you are engaging your audiences, volunteers and community and identify new ways to build relationships with them. Christina Lister is a marketing and audience development consultant working with museums, heritage sites and cultural organisations. Christina empowers organisations to develop and execute marketing that connects to audiences with purpose and impact, by delivering training, facilitating workshops and developing strategy. Download a full course outline (PDF 156kb, opens in new tab). Book your place through our online booking form.

PR – Demystified
Thursday 11 March, 10am – 12pm
Online (Zoom)

PR can seem mysterious to some and unattainable to others, as most organisations don’t have a dedicated PR expert on the team. In this session, you’ll gain an understanding of the power of PR and what simple things you can do to raise your profile. You’ll look at:

  • How to work with the media; what makes a story and why your story should be covered.
  • The process of getting media attention - the purpose of a good press release and what it should cover.
  • And you’ll explore the kind of content press and media want from you, key timings, and how to build relationships with local press.

Download a full course outline (PDF 156kb, opens in new tab). Book your place through our online booking form.