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Training programme

Our training is now delivered either online or in person, or where appropriate, in a 'blended' format.

You will be able to find our upcoming training sessions below and advertised in our weekly E-Update, which you can find at the bottom of our News page. If we need to make any last minute announcements for our events we will try to do so via email or our Twitter account, so make sure that you check your Inbox close to and on the day of the event.

You can find recordings of past sessions, including recordings of much of the former Digital Futures skills programme, on our YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe to get notifications when new videos are posted.

All paid and unpaid staff working for non-National (and non-NPO), Accredited museums in the London region are eligible to apply for our free training courses. Non-accredited and NPO museums in London may be allocated places if there is space, but will be a lower priority due to our core funding criteria. Museums outside the London region and National museums staff may apply for a place, but will be allocated only if other places are not filled, and a charge may apply.


London Museum Development's 'Tour de Store' training

Expect some excellent goodie bags if you attend our in-person Fusion Training with support from the Museum of London

The Museum Development London training programme provides relevant and practical workshops to London’s museums each year. These courses provide opportunities to find out about best practice and hear case studies of how others have made improvements at their museums.

You can apply for a place on these courses below, or directly through our booking form.

Training sessions 2023–24

Caring for a Textile Collection - BOOK NOW!

Thursday 7 December 2023, 10am–12pm


with Museum Development South East and Share Museums East and delivered by Spencer and Fry

Trainer/ facilitator: Sarah Glenn ACR, Fashion and Textile Conservator, Atelier Nine Conservation Ltd

This training session will give you an introduction or refresher to caring for textile collections including basic preventative conservation techniques.

We will explore the agents of deterioration with different types of textile; basic handling and preventative conservation that any museum staff or volunteers can use; and how to best store and display fashion and textile objects in your museum or heritage site. We will review appropriate emergency procedures, considering the issues you may encounter with a textile collection and when you need specialist help.

Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate. Staff or volunteers working with textile or fashion collections in London’s non-national museums or galleries.

You will learn to:

  • Care for a textile collection and identify agents of deterioration
  • Apply simple preventive conservation techniques
  • Recognise and plan for issues you may encounter in a textile collection, including when to call in a specialist

Download a full course outline here (pdf download, 499 Kb)

Accessible Word version of course outline here (download, 293 Kb)

Use our online booking form here to secure your place


Thursday 14 December 2023, 1–3pm


In partnership with Collections Trust

Trainer/ facilitator: Lindsay Duncan, Outreach Officer, Collections Trust; Rebecca Jacobs, Museum Development Officer – Workforce, Museum Development London

This session will take a scenario approach to explore a variety of disposals issues and themes including collections management and documentation, legal and ethical considerations.

A panel of experts will be on hand for our scenario-based discussion: Lindsay Duncan, Outreach Officer, Collections Trust; Sarah Briggs, Collections Development Lead, Museums Association; Helen O’Hara, Museum Development Officer central & east London, Museum Development London. Participants will have the opportunity to submit disposals scenarios before the session. A selection of scenarios will be selected for discussion during the session.

Suitable for: Staff, managers, trustees and volunteers involved in decision-making and/or management of disposals in London’s non-national museums or galleries.

Course outline to follow

Use our online booking form here to secure your place

Emergency planning networking event for museums and archives

Thursday 18 January 2024, 12–5pm

At the Museum of the Order of St John – IN PERSON EVENT

This session is open also to bookings from colleagues from London archive services who have an interest in emergency planning and networks. You can book this as a standalone event if you wish.

Funded by The National Archives

This event will enable museums and archives that are undertaking emergency planning to communicate about their planning and will help organisations to facilitate sharing of emergency equipment, green initiatives, collaborative projects, funding applications etc.

If you have an interest in emergency planning, come and join us for a discussion about how best to effectively plan and prepare for the increasing pressures faced by services:

  • 12pm – Networking lunch (lunch will be provided)
  • 1pm – Welcome
  • 1.10pm – Archivists meet to discuss relevant case studies, key challenges and existing resources and partnerships
  • 2.30pm – break
  • Emergency planning presentations and demos
  • Identify issues and set the agenda for the next meeting
  • 4pm – Optional tours of the Museum of the Order of St John looking at emergency planning of their collection, archive and building
  • 5pm – CLOSE

A follow up session is also planned for Thursday 14 March 2024, 10am–12.30pm to address further issues and questions, agree terms of reference for an ongoing emergency planning group and who will chair the next network meeting.

Archivists wishing to take an active part in this group are most welcome to attend that session.

Use our online booking form here to secure your place. Use the 'Archivists book here' option on the form if booking for only this event.

Emergency Planning Training Programme – FULLY BOOKED!

Wed 6 Dec 2023, 10am–1pm
Thu 18 Jan 2024, 12–5pm*
Thu 14 Mar 2024, 10am–12pm

* Mostly ONLINE but Thu 18 Jan 2024 session is in person at Museum of the Order of St John, St John’s Gate, St John’s Lane, EC1M 4DA (see above if you wish to book onto ONLY this session)

This session is open to bookings from colleagues from London archive services who have an interest in emergency planning and networks.

Part funded by The National Archives and delivered in partnership with Spencer and Fry

Trainer/ facilitator: Claire Fry, Director, Spencer and Fry and Rebecca Jacobs, Museum Development Officer - Workforce

Natural emergencies such as floods are becoming increasingly common, so museums need to prepare their organisation, collection and building for this and other types of threat. This 4-session programme will support you to develop effective emergency plans, work through live practical issues and learn salvage techniques.

This programme will support museums to prepare confidently for a range of emergencies and to shape an emergency plan which meets the requirements of museums Accreditation. It will cover: managing risks, communicating and reviewing your plan, and salvage. Learning will be through instructor-led training, networking, case studies, practical demonstrations, discussions, group work and Q&A sessions.

Participants will in addition have the opportunity to join and contribute to a new emergency planning network. With the support of conservation specialists Spencer and Fry and the Museum Development London team, participants will set the agenda and format for this new group, ensuring it is relevant to your needs and issues.

Suitable for: Staff, managers, trustees and volunteers involved in emergency planning or collections management for the collection and/or heritage building.

You will learn to:

  • Confidently write an emergency plan that meets the requirements of museums Accreditation
  • Problem-solve practical issues based on your museum, archive or heritage site
  • Contribute to a new network for emergency planning
  • Know where to find more information and guidance
  • Be part of a network of peers to share best practice, advice and support

Download a full course outline here (pdf download, 638 Kb) Word version of course outline here (download, 116 Kb)

Use our online booking form here to secure your place - FULLY BOOKED!

Developing an Inclusive Museum Training Series - LAST FEW PLACES, BOOK NOW!

Wed 13 Dec 2023, 10 Jan, 24 Jan, 7 Feb, 21 Feb, 6 Mar, 20 Mar 2024

10am–12.30pm (for all sessions)

On 13 Dec at Museum of London Docklands, No 1. West India Quay, Hertsmere Road, E14 4AL All other sessions are ONLINE

Trainers/ facilitators: Deanne Naula, Cultural and Learning engagement consultant; Lisa Kennedy, Writer and Researcher; Nick Goss, Managing Director, Goss Consultancy Ltd; Rachael Crofts, Museum Development Officer, Audiences; Thanh Sinden, Lead Consultant and Coach, Hoa Lotus; Rebecca Jacobs, Museum Development Officer, Workforce; and other invited speakers/facilitators

This 7-session training programme will cover key areas of diversity and inclusion practice, supporting you to become more representative and relevant to diverse communities and better placed to realise your ambitions.

These sessions will equip you to deliver against Arts Council England’s and other funder’s equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) agendas and strengthen your organisation. We will explore audience data, case studies and expert presentations, developing new practices and workable actions which bring a greater level of diversity to all areas of your museum, including:

  • Programmes – exhibitions, projects and events
  • Collections and voices they represent
  • Audience development
  • Volunteers, staff and trustees
  • Buildings and spaces

Suitable for: Managers, curators and learning staff in London’s non-national museums and galleries. If your museum has attended Developing an Inclusive Museum previously but there have been significant changes to your staff team, your organisation may attend again with new staff.

You will learn to:

  • Understand diversity and inclusion and how it applies to museum practice
  • Develop ideas to make all areas of your museum more inclusive and diverse
  • Generate realistic equality action points to inform your short, medium and long-term plans

Download a full course outline here (pdf download, 835 Kb)

Speak to Rebecca Jacobs, MDO Workforce or Rachael Crofts, MDO Audience if unsure or for queries before booking

Use our online booking form here to secure your place now

Collaborating with Artists on Co-developed Community Projects

Friday 12 January 2024, 10am–12pm


Funded by The National Archives
Archivists are welcome to attend and will receive priority booking for this training

Trainer: Lucy Ribeiro. With twenty years’ of experience in both the cultural and healthcare sectors, Lucy has held positions at cultural institutions including the National Portrait Gallery and the V&A Museum, and served as the Arts Director at St George’s University NHS Foundation Trust. She is also an Arts Consultant and Creative Producer on collaborative projects.

Museum and archive staff are invited to participate in a short training session focused on working with artists on co-developed community projects and programmes.

This session will provide an overview of the principles of co-creation and collaboration, emphasising the various roles artists can undertake to enhance audience engagement, collections, archives, programmes, and exhibitions. Attendees will gain practical knowledge on how to effectively work with artists to ensure an enriching collaboration.

The session will include:

  • Co-creation and collaboration
  • The value of involving artists
  • Finding an artist
  • Developing a brief and defining the artist’s role
  • Managing and evaluating projects

Suitable for: Staff and volunteers with responsibility for programming and events; staff responsible for audiences and community consultation; staff responsible for collections development; Museum and Archive professionals responsible for managing services. Museum and Archive staff working in a local authority service, or one supported by the local authority will be given priority booking for this course.

Download a full course outline here (opens as a pdf, 711 Kb)

Use our online booking form to secure your place

An Introduction to Insect Pest Management

Tuesday 6 February 2024, 2–4pm


with Museum Development South East and Share Museums East and delivered by Spencer and Fry

This session is a basic introduction to understanding, identifying, and preventing pests within a museum or heritage setting.

Pests are commonly found in domestic settings across the United Kingdom, including museums and historic houses, and are capable of causing enormous damage to historic collections. Understanding what attracts pests, how to prevent them, and what to do should they be found is important and useful information for anyone involved in collections care or working in a heritage environment.

Suitable for: Staff, managers and volunteers working with collections in London’s non-national, non-NPO museums.

You will learn to:

  • Understand what Insect Pest Management (IPM) is in a heritage setting
  • Understand what attracts pests and how best to prevent them
  • Identify the main pests commonly found in museums and heritage collections
  • Know how to respond to a pest sighting/infestation

Download a full course outline here (pdf download, 494 Kb) or Word accessible version here (Word download, 293 Kb)

Use our online booking form to secure your place