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University student projects at the museum

These collaborations allow students to use our collections and stories as the catalyst for imaginative creative responses.

The 2016 digital art installation around the ellipse in the museum's Sackler Hall responds to the Fire! Fire! exhibition. It focuses on the state of limbo between the aftermath of the Great Fire and the city’s rebuilding.

In succession

This 2016 digital art installation was created by Hazel Brill, a MFA Fine Art Media student at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Responding to the Fire! Fire! exhibition, it focuses on the state of limbo between the aftermath of the Great Fire and the city’s rebuilding.

Pewter pilgrim badge of St Thomas Becket standing on a ship. A knight in armour stands at the front of the ship. Two figures stand next to Becket on the deck and a sailor at the stern. This badge depicts the return of St Thomas Becket from exile in France in December 1170, only a month before his murder. This anniversary was commemorated every year at Canterbury with a festival known as the Return of St Thomas, 'Regressio Sancti Thomae'. Here he is shown on board the ship with three companions: a knight, a clerk holding a book, and a third standing next to St Thomas. The knight's shield is charged with a cross. A sailor attends to the rigging in the stern of the ship.

Animating Thomas Becket

BA (Hons) Animation students from London Metropolitan University responded to a live brief to tell the story of this important collection of pilgrim badges. They created a 3D Zoetrope, bringing these objects to life.

Artwork of our collections created by a university student during time working on an HE project at the museum.

Drawing on the collection

Sam Bushaway from the University for the Creative Arts carried out her BA (Hons) Illustration documentary project at the museum. She collaged her sketches together to disrupt chronology and to showcase her love of the humble pot.

A 2016 HE project where students created and performed music in response to the collections.

Pitch-perfect performance

Inspired by Charles Booth’s Descriptive Map of London Poverty (1889), in May 2016, students studying the BA in Performance and Creative Enterprise at the Guildhall School performed live in the People’s City gallery, using sound, text and film to reflect on maps past and present.