Welcome to the Museum Pests e-learning tool

Here you will learn to identify, monitor and control common pests found in museums. This covers the following questions and topics:


Section One


  • Who is responsible for managing pests?
  • Why are pests found in museums?
  • What are the indicators of pest activity?
  • How are the areas monitored?

Section Two

Common Museum Pests in the UK

  • Moths
  • Beetles
  • Rodents
  • Other insects and animals

Section Three

Control Methods

  • Physical barriers
  • The “wrong” environment
  • Freezing and chemicals
  • Professional help

Section Four

Useful Tools

  • Identification
  • Databases and floor plans
  • Environmental data

Section Five

Further Information

  • Where do I go for further information on museum pests and pest control treatments?


At the end of some sections there is a short multiple choice quiz to test your understanding of the topics.

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