Welcome to the Emergency Planning e-learning tool

This tool will help you learn about Emergency Planning, and aims to answer the following questions:


Section One

Terms and Definitions

  • What are an emergency, a disaster, and a crisis?
  • When is an emergency really an emergency?
  • What types of emergency are there?

Section Two

Emergency Planning Basics

  • What is Emergency Planning?
  • Why do we carry out Emergency Planning?
  • What is Business Continuity?
  • Why integrate Emergency Planning?

Section Three

The Importance of Emergency Planning

  • How can Emergency Planning help?
  • What happens without Emergency Planning?
  • What happens if plans are incomplete?

Section Four

Creating an Emergency Plan

  • Who develops Emergency Plans?
  • What should you include in your Emergency Plan?

Section Five

Using your Emergency Plan

  • How can you make your Emergency Plan work?


At the end of some sections there is a short multiple choice quiz to test your understanding of the topics.

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