Welcome to the Handling Museum Objects e-learning tool

This tool will help you learn about the handling of museum objects, and aims to answer the following questions:


Section One


  • Why is it important to handle museum objects differently?
  • Why should I wear gloves?
  • What equipment will I need?

Section Two

Before You Start

  • How do I prepare to handle an object?
  • How do I assess an object?
  • How do I assess the route and destination?

Section Three

Basic Object Handling

  • How do I lift an object?
  • How do I move an object?
  • How do I handle small and large objects?

Section Four

Handling Object Types

  • How do I handle textiles and costumes?
  • How do I handle paintings?
  • How do I handle furniture?

Section Five

Further Information

  • What links and resources are available?


At the end of some sections there is a short multiple choice quiz to test your understanding of the topics.

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