Welcome to the Packing Museum Objects for Storage e-learning tool

This tool will help you learn about the packing of museum objects for storage, and provides information about the following topics:


Section One


  • Why do we pack objects?
  • What factors affect the choice of packaging?
  • What packing materials should be avoided?

Section Two

The Storage Environment

  • Assessing the environmental conditions
  • Assessing the storage furniture
  • Assessing the storage use
  • When is packaging is not required?

Section Three

Assessing the Object

  • What is the object made from?
  • What is the size, shape, weight and condition of the object?
  • Boxes and bags
  • Covers and supports

Section Four

Basic Packing

  • How do I pack an object?
  • How do I pack small objects?
  • How do I pack large or heavy objects?
  • How do I make a tissue puff?

Section Five

Further Information

  • Links and resources


At the end of some sections there is a short multiple choice quiz to test your understanding of the topics.

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