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Brexit Talks: how you can take part

As part of our four-year collecting programme Curating London, the Museum of London is collecting your experiences of Brexit. Find out more about our Brexit Talks project and how you can get involved.

21 February 2019

We’re taking a once-in-a-generation opportunity to capture the feeling of the city in the run-up to the final deal on Brexit being made in March 2019. With your help, we’ll be able to record this moment in time.

We’re asking people to tell us how Brexit has changed their relationship to London by uploading a short video of their answer to Twitter or Instagram.

A black man, possibly a Preacher, stands on box to address a large crowd gathered at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. A sign in the distance reads 'The End is At Hand'.

Photograph of 'A man addressing a crowd at Speaker's Corner', 1961

© Estate of Lutz Dille/Museum of London

How do I make and share my video?

Your video should be no more than two minutes long and should clearly answer the question ‘How has Brexit changed your relationship to London?’ You won’t need any high-tech equipment to record your answer, you can just use the camera on your phone.

Once you’re happy with your video, post to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #CuratingLDN and #Brexit. We’ll be using an aggregation tool called Flockler to pull everything with the #CuratingLDN hashtag together and then we’ll look through them and decide whether to display them on our website and whether we might want to collect them.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account, you can directly upload your video to us too.

Make sure you keep the original too – we’ll be looking through all the videos from the project and deciding on a selection that we hope to add to our collection. If we decided to collect your video, we’ll ask you to send us the original, uncompressed file.

We’ll review videos regularly and select some to display on the website.

Two leaflets lablled why you should vote yes and no on the 1975 Common Market referendum.

Two leaflets, issued by the campaigns to leave or remain in the European Common Market

Issued during the referendum campaign of 1975

Things to note

Be careful not to give away any personal information that you wouldn’t want to be publicly known (for example your address).

If you film children in your video make sure they’re not identifiable (for example by their school uniform logo or by using their name).

If your video includes children under 18, or adults at risk, for whom you are not responsible, please obtain the consent of their responsible adult before posting.

We will carefully review every video that is submitted and not every video will be displayed on the website. We won’t display anything on our website that contains very offensive language, hate speech, or indecent content.

We hope that a selection of the videos made for this project will become part of the Museum of London’s collection. If we select your video for collection, we’ll be in touch with you again to ask for your permission. Any videos that we collect will be preserved as a public reference resource and may be used for research, publications, education, broadcasting, marketing, or on the internet.