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A new website for the Great Fire of London

2016 marks 350 years since the Great Fire of London, one of the most devastating events in the city's history. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Museum of London has built a brand new Great Fire of London website, creating an in-depth guide to the disaster, and remaking our much-loved interactive Great Fire game.

Alwyn Collinson

Digital Editor

6 September 2016

A screenshot from the new Great Fire of London website.

Explore the Great Fire of London

Screenshot from the Great Fire 1666 website

The Museum of London has worked with partner organisations across the city and award-winning web design company Fabrique to create a unique guide to the Great Fire of 1666. Objects are on display from the London Metropolitan Archive, Guildhall Art Gallery, The Monument and the National Portrait Gallery. Funded by the City of London Corporation and Arts Council England, the Great Fire website will guide you day by day through the terrible events of 1666 and let you experience it through the Great Fire game and Minecraft experience.

A cartoon of a man and a cat in a boat with various goods scavenged from the Great Fire


THE FIRE - Where the fire started and how it took over London

You can see the spread of the fire mapped on a 17th century map of the City of London. Click the 'Switch map' icon to compare the devastation of the Great Fire to a map of modern London, and open the Story icons to watch the important events unfold.

PEOPLE'S LIVES - What happened to those who experienced the fire

See the fire through the eyes of real Londoners, and learn what happened to them during and after the fire. Personal accounts from diaries, letters and eyewitness statements bring the world of 17th century London to life.

SOCIETY AND POLITICS - How the government and rest of the world responded to the fire

Learn about the tensions and fears that gripped England in 1666, and how they spilled over in the aftermath of the fire. Find out how Londoners coped with the devastation, from fearful rumours to official investigation.

STREETS AND BUILDINGS - How the fire transformed the city

See the dark, overhanging houses of pre-fire London, and learn how they contributed to the destruction. You can discover how the city was rebuilt, including the alternative plans for a London that could have been.