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London's Fashion Alphabet: B for Boudoir Caps

What does B stand for in London's Fashion Alphabet? Why, boudoir caps of course. Take a look at our ornate collection of highly embellished and boudiful caps, a style which rose in popularity during the First World War.

Lucie Whitmore

Fashion Curator

10 January 2020

Fashion Curator Lucie Whitmore talks through our collection and picks out one of her favourite Honiton lace caps and the story behind it.

The boudoir cap was a must-have for women across all social classes. They were worn first thing in the morning when drinking morning tea. Advertised as 'for the smart bedroom woman', boudoir caps were widely used as they were cheap to buy or make. Essential for women in the Twenties, 'the absurdity didn't follow us into the Thirties' according to Ethel Mannin.

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