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From boundary-breaking Suffragettes to Roman emperors, explore the LGBTQ+ heritage of London.

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    Hadrian & Antinous

    Our first stop? We're off to the Roman gallery to hear about the relationship between Hadrian and Antinous.

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    How was a medieval pilgrim badge of Jesus Christ mistaken for a female saint, Wilgefortis? Find out in episode two.

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    Ganymede & Jack Catch

    In a cabinet in the museum's Expanding City gallery you'll find a small, rather peculiar sketch, called Ganymede & Jack Catch. Discover why this sketch is kept here and the story it tells in episode three.

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    Ethel Smyth

    You might already be familiar with Ethel Smyth as the composer of the song 'The March of the Women'. However, there is so much more to the life of this pioneering and passionate suffragette. Watch episode four to find out more.

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    Tom Daley

    In our final instalment of the London's Queer Objects series, we dive deep into the history of a small piece of clothing that had a huge impact on the LGBTQ+ and the sports communities worldwide: Tom Daley's Swimming Trunks.

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