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Watch: How does a suit signal Britishness?

Hellmut Feisenberger was a refugee from Nazi Germany who arrived in London in 1933. Due to growing anti-semitism, he didn't want to be immediately recognisable as a German Jew, so he became a Moss Bros customer to develop a new wardrobe.

Second hand clothes dealer Moses Moses founded a shop in Covent Garden in 1881, drawing on the expertise of the very best Savile Row tailors to cut really beautiful clothes... this was the beginning of Moss Bros. Moss Bros is one of the longest-surviving Jewish-founded firms in London fashion and has achieved longevity by embracing change and staying ahead of the shifts and turns of fashion production and consumption.

Clothes are a really special way that we can feel like we are part of where we live and Moss Bros helped people to really believe that they could belong in British society.