The collections are constantly growing as archaeological digs yield new discoveries, and contemporary objects are acquired to ensure we have a record of life in 21st century London.

The collections include:

    • 25,000 items of fashion and textiles
    • 150,000 paintings, prints and photographs of London
    • Europe’s largest archaeological archive including 17,000 skeletons
    • 50,000 objects from prehistoric and Roman London
    • 15,000 objects from Saxon and medieval London
    • 55,000 objects from Tudor and Stuart London
    • 110,000 objects from modern London (the 18th century to today)
    • 1800 life stories from individual Londoners
    • Half a million historic documents, including the archives of the Port of London Authority and Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Not everything is online, but we are working hard to improve digital access.