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Rhymes in Time

Join in with these performances of classic nursery rhymes, then explore the history behind them with fun facts and activities. What do they really mean?

Moth singing Londons Burning.png

London's Burning

Why was London burning? Did pouring water on it help? Sing a 'round' with Moth Physical Theatre then get the lowdown.

Becky sits next to a piano, ready to play and sing 'London Bridge is Falling Down'.

London Bridge is Falling Down

Has London Bridge ever fallen down? Learn the song with Becky then discover some of the bridge's secrets.

Her hands are raised either side of her face, doing the actions as she sings.

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Which king is counting his money and why are there blackbirds in a pie? Join in with Dani and discover more.

Lauren singing the Muffin Man.png

The Muffin Man

Who was the muffin man and where is Drury Lane? Sing along with Lauren and then find out here.

Paul singing pop goes the weasel.png

Pop! Goes the Weasel

What is a ‘weasel’ and why is it popping? Enjoy Paul's performance and explore what the song means.

Emily  smiles while singing, with her guitar on her lap.

Oranges and Lemons

Is this one really about delicious fruits? Perhaps not! Join in with Emily then find out more.