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Fun learning at home

Families don't need to visit to enjoy the fun. Here are some great ways to play and learn at home!

a compilation of images of our various digital resources for families to use at home.

Play without screens...

Activities that don't need digital devices


Illustration of a hot air balloon with 'Vauxhall' written on it against a mustard yellow background.

Pleasure Gardens Souvenir

On summer evenings, 18th century Londoners flocked to the Pleasure Gardens to dance, watch fireworks and have hot air balloon rides!

Next time you go to a park or garden, why not collect some flowers and twigs to make your own souvenir inspired by the great outdoors!

A young wearing a flat cap with both hands holding a wooden ship's wheel.

Pack Your Bags

The year is 1800 and you're a sailor who's about to be shipped out to sea – what do you take with you?

Choose five things from your home that you would take with you on the long journey.

Let us know what you choose!

Animated GIF showing a man, a woman with a bucket of water and a cat (held up with lolly sticks) next to burning buildings.

Lolly Stick Theatre

Create your very own lolly stick theatre and re-tell the story of the Great Fire of London! Follow these simple instructions, with templates, to create your own theatre for your performance.

Be sure to watch our live stream recordings for inspiration!

The title 'Be the TV!' appears above a close-up of a bubble-shaped TV screen showing an image from Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

Be the TV

This is a television set from 1949 that came built in to a wooden case. How do you watch TV at home? Do you have any favourite shows?

Find some of your toys and a member of your family and act one out for them.

Can they guess which show it is?

An animated GIF showing a series of decorated penny plains.

Penny Plains

The Victorians loved decorating 'penny plains' – souvenir images of famous actors or heroes. Try it yourself using felt tips and colouring pencils – or embellish your pictures with sequins and glitter!

A storyteller tells a tale to some children.

Tell us a Tale

Dockers loved to tell stories! See if you can tell a tale like a docker with this storytelling game. Place lots of different items into a large bag, then close your eyes and pull out five at random.

Can you tell a tale where you mention every single item?

Fanshawe dress animated GIF

Crazy Costumes

This silk dress was worn by Ann Fanshawe, daughter of the Lord Mayor in 1753. Can you imagine wearing something like this? Pop on your favourite clothes, strike a pose and take a selfie.

Bonus activity: look for old family photos! What are people wearing?​

3 children play in a cardboard imaginary boat.

Playful Prompts

Try these quick-fire London challenges!

  • 1. Pose like a famous London Building
  • 2. Name as many London Tube stations you can in 30 seconds
  • 3. Climb aboard an invisible boat and imagine journeying down the River Thames
How did you get on?

Memory Matchers game

Memory Matchers

Time to test your memory skills! See if you can match these Docklands themed images to the correct facts in this fun memory game.

Download and print off the game to get playing!

The title 'Send Word' and #MuseumofFundon appear above a photo of a quill, a piece of parchment and a sandtimer.

Send Word

Sailors would send letters to their families when they landed in foreign ports. Imagine you're a sailor far from home and write your own letter! What have you been doing on board? What's the food like? Have you made any new friends?

An animated GIF showing lots of spices on spoons.

Sampling Station

Spices arrived at the Docklands from all over the world. Fancy a spicy guessing game? Close your eyes, ask another player to hand you spices found at home, give them a sniff then guess what they are. Who can guess the most correctly?

A girl with a homemade banner saying 'Votes for Women'.

Campaign Time

People throughout time have used banners and posters to protest, campaign and show their messages to the world. What would you like to tell the world right now?

Create your own banner and display it in your window at home.

An animated GIF shows cards from the game.

Stinky Museum Card Game

We've got a lot of stinky things at the Museum of London, from Roman toilets to Medieval wee pots. Play our stinky card game to find out more and see who comes out... bottom?!

Simply print and cut out the cards to play. ​

With a headscarf, stripey t-shirt and anchor tattoo.

Sailor Style

Get the sailor look in a few easy steps:

  • 1.Find something stripey, like a t-shirt.
  • 2.Use a scarf or a piece of fabric to make a neckerchief.
  • 3. Make a spy glass (try an empty toilet roll).
Why not take a photo of your final looks?

An animated GIF showing a ship sailing down the Thames in two historic periods.

Build a Bridge

Did you know there are over 30 bridges that cross the River Thames? How many can you name? See if you can create your own bridge using paper, recycled materials, or building blocks that you can find at home.

Share photos of your completed bridges with us!* #MuseumofFundon​

A small child's hand explores a plastic container full of shredded paper.

Dig Down

Archaeologists dig into the ground to discover more about the past. Create your own dig box at home by hiding different objects in sand or shredded newspaper for your family to uncover. Do you like digging?

Animated GIF of a painting of a Frost Fair, with adults, children, dogs, horses and tents on the frozen Thames.

Draw Your Own Frost Fair

Can you imagine the River Thames freezing over? Back in the 1800s it sometimes did, and Londoners would hold Frost Fairs – markets full of games, food and ice skating. Have a go at drawing your own Frost Fair.

What would you have done on the ice?​

A girl puts a hand-written sign saying 'London', with a heart drawn on, next to a cardboard model of the London Eye.

Cardboard Icons

Try the wartime principle of ‘make do and mend’ by recycling old cardboard boxes into a brand new creation! Or can you recreate a famous London building?

Animated GIF panning over a real Roman mosaic, panning over a criss-cross pattern and a design of some flowers.

Marvellous Mosaics

Romans often decorated buildings with mosaics - pictures made up of tiles called tesserae. Create your own!

  • 1. Cut some paper, card or foil into small squares
  • 2. Sketch a design
  • 3. Arrange the squares on it
  • 4. Glue them down.
Then send us a photo!

The title 'Messy Play' and '#MuseumofFundon' appear above an image of children reaching into a plastic pot filled with a sticky material.

Messy Play

Do you and your little one love getting messy at home? We do too! Here's a messy idea for you: Paint a River Thames picture by mixing yogurt and blue or green food colouring to make your own paints.

We'd love to see them! #MuseumofFundon

Animated GIF panning down a portrait of a young Queen Victoria in a fine gown, with a large crown beside her.

Painted Stories

Portraits tell a story of the person they show. Details in paintings can give clues about their status, job or hobbies.

A sea captain might hold a compass, while a keen reader might be painted with books.

Create a portrait of yourself or your family. What will you include?

Or play *with* screens!

Join in and learn together (fun for all the family)

Emily  smiles while singing, with her guitar on her lap.

Rhymes in Time

Sing along to performances of well-known nursery rhymes - and discover the history behind them!

Colourful illustrations of a bowl of raspberry jelly, a sandwich and an ice cream cone below party bunting.

Memories of London

Enjoy these activity packs and podcasts for all ages - older, younger, and everything in between!

Festive fun!

Animated GIF showing images of items from different winter celebrations.

Winter Celebrations

London's communities celebrate many different festivals in wintertime!

  • Diwali
  • Epiphany
  • Hanukkah
  • Kwanzaa...

Discover just a few of them here and try some activities they've inspired.​

Explore the Great Fire (a school topic for ages 5-7)

Play our popular game and fight the Great Fire! In bite-size chapters, this is a great classroom activity on whiteboard or tablet or a fun homework task.

Great Fire of London game

Help Tom fight the Great Fire in this interactive game, broken into handy bite-size chapters.

Explore historically accurate city maps in Minecraft to find hidden objects, burn London and fight the fire!

Great Fire 1666: Minecraft

Play through the streets of London during the blaze in this exciting Minecraft experience.

This absorbing and comprehensive website includes interactive maps, a timeline of fire events and four key themes for learning including people's lives and streets and buildings.

Great Fire 1666: Story

Dive deeper into what happened using interactive maps and timelines in this interactive digital story.

Discover the evidence of the fire through quality images, documents and 3D objects.

Great Fire objects and artworks

Discover the real evidence of the fire through intriguing images, documents and 3D objects.

Uncover prehistory (a school topic for ages 7-11)

Take this fun interactive quiz about how Stone Age people lived. Great for classroom use.

Hunter-gatherer quiz

Could you survive as a Stone Age hunter-gatherer? Find out for yourself in this fun quiz.

Could you build a house from prehistory? Take the roundhouse challenge quiz to get the lowdown.

Roundhouse quiz

It's 3000 years ago. You need to build a home. Can you manage it? Find out in this educational quiz.

Investigate life in prehistoric London and uncover its traces on our interactive map. Chariot gear, a mammoth's tusk - what will your pupils discover?

Prehistory explorer

Look into life in prehistoric London and uncover its traces with this interactive map.

You're in control of these exciting 3D objects! Zoom in, spin them round and figure out just how they were used in prehistory.

Virtual objects

Take control of real museum artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age with these 3D objects from prehistory.

Other assorted fun (perfect for ages 7+)

Tails of Sailortown, ready to play, with an arrow symbol above an image of an actor.

Tails of Sailortown

Explore the streets of Victorian Sailortown in this playful interactive video for ages 4+. With puppets!

Screenshot of a Minecraft game in progress, where a stone arch has been built surrounded by red flowers.

Minecraft temple challenge

A hidden Roman temple was discovered in London in 1954. Our challenge is to build your own – using Minecraft!

The title 'Black Londoners through time' sits above an image of a woman dancing in colourful dress at the Notting Hill Carnival, a smart soldier in uniform, a statue of a woman's face and an ink illustration of Ignatius Sancho.

Black Londoners through time

Take a trip back in time to discover London’s Black history from the Roman era to the present day.

A cartoon rat in a toga besides the words 'Remus Rattus, AD 250'.

Tail Trail: Online

Riley Ratcliffe needs your help! Find her rat relatives hidden through London's history in this simple interactive game.

Bring history to life by making and performing with puppets! Here, professionals Moth Physical Theatre show you everything you need to know.

Puppetry Training

All you need is paper and sticky tape for hours of fun and creativity – Moth Physical Theatre show you how in these five exciting videos.

A view of recreated Victorian shopfronts in our Victorian Walk gallery.

Interactive tour

Explore our immersive Victorian Walk, recreating the winding streets of 19th-century London. Can you complete all six challenges?

An illustration of a lion staring right at you.

Which Beast of London are you?

Discover which animal from London's past you're most like in this roar-some quiz! Are a loyal lion, a cheeky horse, or maybe even... a bad bacterium?

Harry stands, in a blue kit and wearing the captain's armband, next to the centre circle. © Brad Tutterow / CC BY 2.0

Harry Kane's London quiz

England captain Harry has had quite a journey. Play our quiz about it and London's football heritage!

The Romans left us some weird and wonderful objects to find in our city. Can you guess what these artefacts from Londinium are?

Roman mystery object quiz

The Romans left us some weird and wonderful objects to find in our city. Can you guess what these artefacts from Londinium are?

Fun learning to own

An animated GIF showing a montage of products from our online shop, including a backpack that looks like a red bus, a pigeon cuddly toy and a 'Suffra-greats' card game.

Goodies for sale

Toys, books, gifts... We've got loads of opportunities for further learning and fun available right now from our online shop!

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