Fun learning at home

We love welcoming families to our museums, but you don't need to be here to enjoy the fun. Here are some great ways to play and learn at home!

Plat at creating your own London outfit in this online game for early years.

Create a costume

Design your own clothes inspired by London's past fashions in our easy online game for little ones. You can even choose your own colours and patterns!

A young person uses a pestle and mortar to create new spice mixes and invoke the aroma of the London docks.

Spice up your life

Sailors would bring interesting spices from all over the world to the London docks. Do you have a favourite spice? Mix some spices or herbs together at home to create a brand new smell.

Create personalised London vehicles and buildings in this fun online game for early years!

Do buses and tubes make you wheely happy?

... then play our early years Move and Make game and design your very own London vehicles and buildings.

A mother and daughter creating a London landmark in cardboard during a museum families session.

Build it higher... and higher!

Try the wartime principle of ‘make do and mend’ at home by recycling old cardboard boxes into a brand new creation! Who can build the tallest tower or recreate a famous London building?

A family enjoying a digging activity together.

Dig down

Archaeologists dig deep into the ground to discover more about the past. Become an archaeologist and create your own dig box at home by hiding different objects in sand or shredded newspaper for your family to uncover. Do you like digging?