Facilitated school sessions

For information on the sessions available, please visit Facilitated school sessions.

Self-directed visits

Teachers are able to design their own programme of study at both museums. All self-directed visits are free but must be booked in advance.

How to book

Find out How to book a facilitated school session or a self-directed visit. 

About the galleries at Museum of London 

The Selfridges lift within the Galleries of Modern London, Museum of London

The Museum of London overlooks the Roman remains of the City wall and reveals the history of the capital from prehistoric and Roman times through to medieval, Tudor and 18th century expansion, and the bustling multicultural London of today. Spectacular collections, immersive spaces and child-friendly interactive exhibits transport you through the capital's tumultuous past, rich with drama, triumph and near-disaster!

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About the galleries at Museum of London Docklands 

The London, Sugar and Slavery gallery space at the Museum of London Docklands

The Museum of London Docklands is located just a short walk from the dazzling skyscrapers of Canary Wharf. From the earliest docks to the regeneration of the area in the early 21st century, this 200-year-old warehouse uses interactive displays, recreated scenes, original artefacts and stories of trade, migration and commerce to reveal the long history of London as a port.

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About the Museum of London Archaeological Archive

TNS_About_the_Archaeological_Archive.jpgThe Archaeological Archive in Hackney offers hands-on archaeology sessions for schools. The archive is the largest in the world and contains records and artefacts from over 3,500 sites that have been excavated in Greater London over the past 100 years. It contains thousands of stories from London’s past, including Stone Age camps, Roman villas and Tudor palaces.

Visits to the Archaeological Archive are by appointment only. To search for school sessions run at the archive, visit our Facilitated schools sessions page.

Practicalities and health & safety

Please read Museum of London visit practicalities or Museum of London Docklands visit practicalities and information on Health & Safety.