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Museum visit
Key stages: Special schools and SEND units
For: Special schools and SEND units
Explore and learn

Explore and learn

We'd love to have your students with us!

Session description

On Tuesday 16 November, SEND students will have the Museum of London all to themselves.

Groups will be invited to explore the museum to discover the rich history of London at their own pace. We'll also provide a sensory breakout space, tailored drop-in activities and a dedicated quiet lunch space for each group.

As part of your visit, groups can also book a short optional immersive workshop, inspired by London’s varied and vibrant past and exploring what it means to be a Londoner.

We support visits from SLD/PLMD, autism specialist and all other SEND schools and units.

Group size:

 Up to 10-12 students from each school

Session duration:

 10am-3pm (though groups are free to leave before then), Tuesday 16 November

How to book this session

Spaces are limited, so for further information or to request a booking, please email: [email protected]