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Sports micro-grants: a collection of sports stories

Help us document Londoners’ relationships with sport today!

Evans, Torla - Portuguese community celebrating victory against England during the World Cup, Vauxhall

Celebrating victory in Vauxhall

Photo by Torla Evans, 2010

Are you 16-25 and based in London?

Do you have a story to tell about a sporting club, venue, event or Londoner that is important to you and your community?

We are providing micro-grants of £1000 each to support young people to add to the Museum of London collection with their lived experience as a Londoner.

You could be an avid sports supporter, part of a team or community group, or have an interest in an iconic sporting legend from your area. You could be interested in how sport has influenced fashion or popular culture in the capital.

If you have something to say about sport in London, this is a chance to tell that story, through sourcing something new for the museum’s collection.

What you could collect:

  • An object/objects – for example sporting equipment, kits or sports/supporter wear
  • Sound – this could include recorded interviews
  • Photographs
  • Social media
  • Video games
  • Film

We will work together to explore different ways for you to capture your story.

How the Museum of London will help you:

We will provide training and support throughout your project, taking you though the collecting process and supporting you to gain real world skills you can take forward.

No specialist qualifications are required to apply: if you have a good story about sport in London, we would love to hear from you.

Application questions:

'Give Racism the Red Card, Boot it Out!', poster from ‘Kick it Out’ magazine, 1995

'Give Racism the Red Card, Boot it Out!'

Poster from ‘Kick it Again’ magazine, 1995

We are committed to making the application process as simple as possible, so all we need from you is a response to these three questions:

1. What is the story or Londoner’s experience you would like to collect?
Think about who is involved in it, where it takes place, what it tells us about Londoners and their experience of sport.

2. Why is it important that this story/experience is recorded or documented?
What does it mean to you and/or your community or people of your age? How is it specific to London?

3. Why is this project interesting to you?
What is your connection to this story, what does it tell us about your experience as a Londoner?

How to apply:

We will be taking applications forward based on the strength of the idea you present, not the way you choose to apply.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Type your responses and email them to [email protected].
  • Creatively respond to the questions (this could be an illustration or cartoon, for example), take a photo and email them to [email protected].
  • Follow on Instagram @curatingldn and DM us with a written or video response.
  • Send us a text or WhatsApp on 07512 796022.

Please ensure you send your name and a way to contact you as part of your submission.


  • July: Call out for applications
  • August 22nd: Deadline for applications
  • September 12th: Applicants told about the outcome of the application
  • September and October: Successful applicants training with Museum teams
  • November to January: Collecting takes place with support from Museum teams
  • February and March: Sharing project outcomes

The call for applications has now closed but you can still share your thoughts! We want to learn more from Londoners about how Sport might be represented in the collection and the New Museum. To add your voice, fill in the short survey here.