Role spotlights

Find out more about some of our roles.

Working at a museum can mean many different things. Roles are highly varied and we work closely together to ensure we can deliver the best experience for our visitors. This stretches across from our front of house team greeting visitors to our staff who develop the exhibition content, to curators and conservators who look after the collection, to our events and learning teams to our back office operational teams such as Finance, HR and Facilities.

We wanted to shine a light on some of our roles in the museum to help you get a flavour direct from our staff on their day to day roles here at the museum.

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Felicity, Senior Content Developer

"My role is fantastically varied, from asking visitors what they think about a new display, to working with the designers and advising on drawings for a new exhibition. My main purpose is to work with the museum curators to create galleries that are interesting and exciting for all our visitors, and even people that haven’t visited us yet. I carry out lots of research, advising colleagues about what type of information, interactives and experiences are going to help make a trip to the museum really memorable, fun and packed full of learning.

I get to see a lot of the museum collection and work closely with many across the museum. The role requires excellent people and diplomacy skills, creativity and attention to detail. Currently I’m helping to develop visitor journeys and experiences for galleries for our new museum site, so my skills are really being put to the test!"


Besim, Finance Systems Manager

"I work as Finance Systems Manager at the Museum of London. My main responsibilities are: managing and policing of compliance with finance procedures; training staff on our finance processes; understanding the key drivers and challenges for the business; providing accurate monthly reports to customers; and supporting strategic decision-making using analysis and reporting.

Working in a small and fast-paced finance team has helped me gain knowledge and skills in the varying roles of finance, and to understand how this profession is connected to today’s fast moving technology and changes in legislation. It's challenging, but always fulfilling. In addition, I've gained much more understanding of working closely with others and take pride in delivering results together, both with my team and the wider museum."


Meron, Retail Assistant

"My role as a Retail Assistant at the Museum of London shop is to sell our wide range of London souvenirs, as well as making sure the shop is well presented and stocked.

As we are often the last place our visitors come to, it is also my job to present an informative and helpful image to our customers. So far, my time working at the Museum of London has been great. I get to meet people from all over the world and learn a little bit about them, as well as how much they enjoyed their visit to the museum. The people I work with are also fantastic and make working here such a great experience."

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Iona, Host

"The host role is wonderful and varied. We’re a diverse and energetic group of people who have come to the museum from a wide range of backgrounds, from heritage to teaching and beyond. We're the first people our visitors meet, and we offer them a warm and helpful welcome, explaining any events taking place and inviting them to support the museum with a donation. Whilst a large part of our days are spent in the galleries interacting with our visitors, we are also the members of the museum team who research, write and deliver the free daily talks and tours. The host role sits at the heart of Visitor Experience providing the face-to-face interactions with our visitors and helping to bring our collections to life."


Emily, Textile Conservator

"As a textile conservator, my role is to carry out condition assessments, practical treatments, mount making and preventive measures with the aim of making objects safe to be displayed and maximising the longevity of our textile collections.

I work with the dress & textile collection, which contains over 23,000 objects ranging from Medieval to present day. This includes fashion garments, theatrical costume, flat textiles, accessories such as shoes and bags, toys such as dolls and many more mixed media objects. My role involves preparing objects for display, loan to other institutions, as new acquisitions into the museum or simply improving the condition and storage of textiles. As a representative of the museum, I also assist with specialised training in textile handling and storage techniques, as well as overseeing interns, students and volunteers."

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Adam, Archaeological Archive Manager

"As the museum’s Archaeological Archive Manager, my role is to manage all aspects relating to the museum’s archaeological collections. In practice, this falls under three broad strands; storage, collecting, and documentation. I manage a small team and on a day-to-day basis, we ensure that our collection is stored in the most effective, efficient and accessible way possible.

My responsibilities include decision making on future acquisitions of archaeological material, developing the procedures and protocols for collecting/depositing material with the museum, and ensuring the correct legal processes are followed with correctly recorded documentation for any archaeological collection we acquire. But the real fun is the advocacy that sits with the role. I’m proud to be an ambassador for London’s Archaeology and the aspect of the role I enjoy the most is sharing the stories that are revealed through artefacts via inclusive object handling activities such as the award winning #ArchiveLottery."

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Elpie, Senior Exhibitions Project Manager

"In my role I deliver major exhibitions for the Museum of London and the Museum of London Docklands. From initial concept to installation, I coordinate internal and external multidisciplinary teams comprising of curators, conservators, object technicians, audio visual technicians, photographers, designers, film makers, animators, prop-makers, set-builders and other specialists depending on each project’s needs. As project manager I am also responsible for setting the project’s budget, monitoring its costs and managing the overall timetable.

Over the years I have delivered some of the most exciting and successful exhibitions at the museum such as 'Dickens and London' 'Cheapside Hoard' and 'Fire! Fire!' and have had the opportunity to work with talented and creative people. Large scale exhibition projects can take up to two years to plan and organise, and my favourite part of a project is the final stage - the installation. This is the most intense period as there is usually a tight deadline to ensure everything is in place for the opening day, but it is also the time when the whole team comes together to bring the exhibition to life."


Michael, Fundraising Database Manager

"I enjoy working at the Museum of London as a Fundraising Database Manager for many reasons. The work I do is to enable our fundraising team to understand our supporters’ interests, and levels of engagements using our databases or analytical tools, and where this can lead to in terms of funding for existing projects or the new museum site. The work is variable, fascinating and enjoyable.

The people around me and my team create a great working environment which I love. I have many opportunities to work with a wide range of people throughout the organisation and spend time to interact with our supporters and visitors. And I have yet to meet a visitor or supporter who, didn’t enjoy their visit to our museums!"

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Nathan, Culture Mile Marketing Officer

"I’m the Marketing Officer for Culture Mile. Led by the City of London Corporation and core partners the Barbican, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London Symphony Orchestra and Museum of London, Culture Mile stretches just under a mile from Farringdon to Moorgate, and has creative exchange, cultural collaboration and learning at its core. It aims to create a vibrant cultural area in the north-west corner of the City over the next 10 to 15 years.

As the Marketing Officer, I’m responsible for delivering the marketing strategy to raise awareness of the Culture Mile brand, driving attendance to Culture Mile events and encouraging general visits to the area. I’m also responsible for social media community management, web editing and email newsletters.

I enjoy the variety of the role, working in different formats across large and small scale events, exhibitions and performances. I also get to collaborate with all the partner organisations on a daily basis. It’s great to be involved in promoting different forms of accessible and inclusive culture for Londoners and beyond."