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London Sugar & Slavery gallery

7 September 2020

The Museum of London Docklands’ permanent London Sugar & Slavery gallery explores London’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, an important and widely overlooked history. Within the gallery, there were two replica objects; a cast of the head of an Ife man (1300-1400) and the cast of the head of an Ife King (1100-1300) alongside an original Benin water container (1500s) and a Benin brass plaque (1500s-1600s), all on long-term loan from the British Museum. These objects contextualise and represent culture predating (Ife) and around or following (Benin) the arrival of Europeans in West Africa and were loaned to the museum when it opened London Sugar & Slavery, following consent from the consultative group who helped create the gallery.

Following an incident involving a member of the public, the items have been temporarily removed for conservation examination. For any further information on these artefacts in particular please contact the British Museum.

We are committed as part of our work within our London, Sugar & Slavery gallery to continue to address the history of the transatlantic slave trade. This gallery was established with the dedication to engage and open up a dialogue with the community; we will continue this mission of engagement moving forward.