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London Visions: Hypothetical scenarios of a future London

27 November 2017

London Visions
Museum of London
19 January 2018 - 15 April 2018
Part of City Now City Future

New display at the Museum of London explores hypothetical concepts of a future London from leading artists, architects and designers.

London Visions, opening 19 January 2018, is a new display at the Museum of London presenting a range of visual hypothetical scenarios for the future of the city.

The future has never felt closer than it does today and speculation about London’s future is once again at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Where once the visions of tomorrow’s world would involve intergalactic invasions or holidays on Mars, today’s contemporary narratives focus more on a future based on issues we currently face.

London Visions depicts fantastical realities seen through the eyes of artists, architects and designers, each expressing their own unique scenarios on tomorrow’s world. They project exaggerated scenarios based on climate change, the future of work, the everyday life, politics and hypothetical cityscapes.

Through a series of video installations, architectural narratives and video games, the display visualises deconstructed worlds and abstract models of theoretical scenarios for London.

Foteini Aravani, Digital Curator at the Museum of London, said:

“London Visions presents different scenarios exploring future possibilities for London. By exaggerating the present and extrapolating what is happening around us, we can visualise speculative scenarios in the future, which not only spark our imaginations but also triggers us to ask ourselves: is this how the future of London will look?”

Key works on display include:

- Flooded London – Squint/Opera has created a series of images depicting imaginary scenes in London in 2090, when rising sea levels have flooded the city. The Flooded London series depicts the city as a "tranquil utopia".

- In the Robot Skies: A Drone Love Story – Directed by speculative architect Liam Young and written by fiction author Tim Maughan, In the Robot Skies is the world’s first narrative shot entirely through autonomous drones on autopilot. The film speculates the future of drones within a London council estate, touching upon the boundaries between surveillance and privacy.

- Endless Vertical City – This competition-winning design by SURE Architecture envisions a skyscraper that could house the whole of London with its own ecosystem and a spiralling form that could be extended infinitely upwards.

London Visions will be at the Museum of London until the 15th April 2018. This free display forms part of City Now City Future, the museum’s year-long season of over 100 events, exhibitions, displays, debates and creative commissions exploring urban evolution in London and around the world.

Notes for editors
For more press information please contact Leon Garwood, Media Officer at the Museum of London on 020 7814 5502 or [email protected].

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