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Public statement

June 2020

The Museum of London is committed to taking issues of diversity and inclusion immensely seriously. This is reflected in how we behave as individuals and with each other and with our visitors every day and it defines us as an institution. The Museum celebrates and engages with the diversity of London and we recognise the sources from which it is derived and that at this moment it is important to take this commitment and focus on anti-racism.

The Museum of London stands in solidarity with Black and BAME people around the world, in the UK and in London, whenever and wherever people face institutional racism and suffer disproportionate socio-economic disadvantage.

We at the Museum of London are proud of our position in sharing the history of our City and the Londoners who make it. Following consultation we are taking the time to reflect on both the words and the actions needed to effectively support our BAME colleagues and communities, and to play our part in actively dismantling racism in society and within our sector.

This process of unlearning, understanding, and acting for real change begins with the recognition of our own past failings as a Museum and the sector and the need to rectify those. Work to improve ourselves as an organisation with a public responsibility and as a work place will continue internally; meanwhile we will externally keep striving to continue to address the legacies of colonialism, imperialism and slavery.

As a starting point, we also encourage all our colleagues and visitors to explore the Museum of London Docklands’ London, Sugar & Slavery and The Krios of Sierra Leone exhibitions.