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Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters is a grant programme designed to encourage museums to diversify their public programmes, events, exhibitions and collections to make them more representative of the communities they serve, for example through contemporary collecting, co-produced exhibitions, and targeted programming.

The programme is about identifying who is under-represented in your museum audiences and taking action to address this.

Year Seven April 2024 - March 2025 Grants


Closing date for applications: 5.00pm on Monday 8 July 2024

Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

The seventh year of MDL’s Diversity Matters Grants is now open for applications. MDL has £6,000 (3 grants of £2,000) to allocate to London’s non-national, non-NPO museums in 2024-2025. This year’s grants will enable museums to work with artist(s) and/or group(s) from under-represented and under-served communities to co-curate an exhibition by March 2025.

The grants will support projects that enable museums to:

  • Work with artists and/or groups from protected characteristic communities to co-curate, co-produce and co-create a public exhibition
  • Provide a public platform (through an exhibition) that gives these artist(s)/group(s) space to review, reflect and respond to museum collections either by:
  1. Enhancing existing collections through a re-visiting collections project, whereby the artist(s)/group(s) responds and reflects on the museum’s current themes and objects, or
  2. Enabling a contemporary collecting project, which gathers oral testimonies, objects etc. from the artist(s)/group(s) so the museum’s collections are up to date and relevant.

Timescale: Projects will need to be completed by Sunday 9 March 2025

Information: eligibility criteria, as well as the type of projects the grants programme will support can be found in the Guidance for Applicants (opens as a pdf file, 277 Kb)

How to apply: complete and return an Application Form (as a Word document download, 375 Kb), along with any supporting documents to [email protected]

Deadline: no later than 5.00pm on Monday 8 July 2024

Queries: to discuss your project or to discuss eligibility for the programme, please email Rachael Crofts, MDO Audiences, tel: 07540 122540

Previous Years: Year Six, April 2023 - March 2024 Grants

Following an assessment panel in June 2023, Museum Development London decided to fund the following museums:

Bethlem Museum of the Mind

Bruce Castle Museum

The Charterhouse

Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust

Projects were completed by March 2024. Museum Development London will shortly be sharing detailed case studies of the completed projects here.

Diversity Matters Case Studies

Case studies and reports of previous grant-funded projects can be found in our Information section here

Submitting a Case Study

Museum Development London continues to look for museums who are willing to share their experience of developing responsive programmes, exhibitions, collections, audience initiatives, workforce and trustee boards to showcase how their organisation has become more diverse and more representative of their respective local community.

We know that there is excellent work happening in our region, so help Museum Development London to shout about it! It’s a great way to advocate for your fantastic work (both internally and externally) and help inspire others to become more diverse too.

You can download the Case Study Form here (PDF 161kb, opens in new tab). This is a rolling deadline, so please email your completed form along with any pictures at any time, to: [email protected]. Please note it will take Museum Development London roughly six weeks to get your case study up on the website.