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Meet the team

During the current Covid-19 lockdown, you can contact any member of the team via email, mobile phone or online meetings.

The London Museum Development team only deals with enquiries from the regional museums sector. If you have a general Museum of London enquiry, please contact [email protected].

Yvette Shepherd

Yvette Shepherd

Museum Development Officer, Organisational Health
email: [email protected]
tel: 020 7001 9877
mobile: 07841 206 864

Yvette leads on forward planning and sustainability, and co-ordinates the Survive and Thrive programme. She administers the Collection grants and provides general support and advice and support with accreditation to museums in south and west London.

Helen O’Hara

Museum Development Officer, Central & East London
email: [email protected]
tel: 020 7001 9839
mobile: 07814 111 736

Helen provides general support and advice and support with accreditation to museums in central and east London.

Rachael Crofts

Museum Development Officer, Audiences
email: [email protected]
tel: 020 7001 9876
mobile: 07540 122 540

Rachael provides and signposts advice on audience development issues, such as engaging with communities, children and young people, audience evaluation, and linking to audience campaigns.

Ben Travers

Regional Museum Development Manager
email: [email protected]
tel: 020 7001 9831
mobile: 07834 525 972

Ben leads on regional programming and manages the MDO team. He leads on the Museum of London regional partnerships and provides general support and advice and support with accreditation to museums in north London.

Alec Ward

Museum Development Officer, Digital and Communications
email: [email protected]
tel: 020 7001 9861
mobile: 07866 812 981

Alec leads on the Digital Futures skills programme, working closely with Collections Trust, Culture24, the Museum of London’s Learning team and other museums across London to deliver skills sessions on all aspects of digital work. Alec also manages the team's communications through the Twitter account, the website and the weekly e-update. If you would like to subscribe to the e-update, please send us an email

For information on submitting items for inclusion in the weekly newsletter, download submitting items to the London Museum e-update (PDF 278kb, opens in a new tab).

Elizabeth Coningsby

Museum Development Officer, Training

email: [email protected]
tel: 020 7001 9838
mobile: 07841 206 862

Elizabeth leads on the Skills Plus training programme and works closely with Rachael, Yvette and Libby to help deliver relevant and needed training sessions around Audiences, Organisational Health and Collections.

Regional Collection Care Team

Libby Finney

Regional Collection Care Development Officer
email: [email protected]
tel: 020 7814 5582

Libby can provide advice, training and support on collection care issues both from her base at the Museum of London and also through site visits. She manages a 'loan bank' of environmental monitoring equipment from which London's regional museums can borrow. She can advise on specific training requirements as well as a growing range of e-learning tools on collection care topics produced by the Museum of London.