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Measuring Up

The Measuring Up grant and support programme offers grants and a tailored support package to encourage non-NPO museums to use the ACE Impacts and Insights tool to carry out self-assessments, peer reviews and audience surveys, with the aim of measuring the quality of the exhibitions created by museums.

Museum Development London has worked with Arts Council England, their contractors Counting What Counts, and Museum Development England to create a streamlined, non-NPO museum approach to the Impact and Insight Toolkit.

Year Three and Four April 2024 - March 2026 Grant and Support Programme


Closing date for applications: 5.00pm on Monday 8 July 2024

Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

The third and fourth year of MDL’s Measuring Up Grant and Support Programme is now open for applications. MDL has £8,000 (4 initial grants of £2,000) to allocate to London’s non-national, non-NPO museums in 2024-2027.

This year’s programme will support museums to develop an exhibition and use a nationally piloted online evaluation platform, to showcase the quality of this exhibition using self-assessments, peer reviews and audience surveys. Using analysis the platform generates from capturing these views, museums will be able to apply for a further grant to address comments raised by visitors and museum professionals to inform the museum’s overall visitor experience.

There are 4 aspects to the Grant and Support Programme being offered to successful museums:

Part 1 – An initial grant to support and develop your exhibitions (permanent or temporary)
Part 2 – Support in developing, collating and analysing audience feedback on your chosen exhibition
Part 3 – A grant to support peer-to-peer feedback on the exhibition, as well as the overall visitor experience of the museum
Part 4 – A follow-on grant to instigate changes to future exhibitions and programmes based on feedback museums receive from their audiences and peers.

Throughout the programme museums will be intensely supported by MDO Audiences.

Value: This programme package being offered to museums between now and March 2027 is worth the equivalent of over £15,000 for each participating museum.

Timescale: The initial project exhibition to be evaluated will need to be opened by Sunday 26 January 2025.

Information: to check eligibility as well as the type of projects the grants programme will support, see the Guidance for Applicants (opens as pdf, 570 Kb).

How to apply: complete and return an Application Form (Word document download, 369 KB), along with any supporting documents to [email protected]

Deadline: by no later than 5.00pm on Monday 8 July 2024

Queries: to discuss your museum’s project or eligibility for the programme, please email Rachael Crofts, MDO Audiences or tel:075 4012 2540

Previous Years: Years One & Two, January 2022 - March 2024 Grants and Support

In February 2022, MDL launched Year One and Year Two Measuring Up Grant and Support Programme, a non-national, non-NPO pilot. These grants focused on enabling museums to develop, evaluate and analysis the quality of the exhibitions and events they were producing using the online evaluation platform, the Impact and Insight Toolkit.

MDL funded and supported the following museums:

Bruce Castle Museum
The View, Epping Forest Visitor Centre
Cartoon Museum
Florence Nightingale Museum
Freud Museum
Fulham Palace

Projects were completed in March 2024. MDL will shortly be sharing detailed case studies of the completed projects.